7th January 2018
Donna Hartley


Boycie, one of our guests, winner of his Group and Overall Obedience Champion at Lampeter and District Dog Training


2nd August 2017
Donna Hartley

An active summer

We’ve had a busy summer so far in our first year of trading for which we thank all our guests.  The artificial turf has proved to be a great success.  We’re open for business until Thu 31st Aug when we will be taking a break, re-opening on Tue 12th Sep.  Since our last post Dylan has grown quite bit

Our new artificial turf exercise area
3rd March 2017
Donna Hartley

Now open for dog boarding

After our adventurous summer last year with the successful arrival of Millie’s first litter and subsequent  efficacious homing of all the pups bar one, Welsh now known as Dylan ( the destroyer) only joking! who we had decided to keep being the first born.

We are now finally ready to welcome home boarders into our family.

Big Bouncy Dylan
9th September 2016
Donna Hartley

Six weeks and they’re all over the place

The puppies are well and truly up and running.  We’ve just wormed them for the second time and now they’re having a doze.  Life seems to be eat, run around, doze, run around a bit more, doze then eat again.  Millie is not fdeeding them as much.  In 3 weeks time they will all be gone (bar one).

20th August 2016
Donna Hartley

They’re walking (well almost!)

The puppies sare now three weeks old and starting to move around.  We’ve added a video to the gallery page so you can see them. Next week we start worming and then weening them off Millie.  Millie’s been a fantastic mum, cleaning and feeding on demand.  She’s now quite happy to spend time away once the puppies have been fed and at the moment she is laid out in front of the fire snoring away.

We’ve alos linked their names to their coloured collars; just using their middle names:

Black collar – Welsh

Red – Cader

Green – Camri

Yellow – Eirlys

Blue – Lili

Pink – Ceian


14th August 2016
Donna Hartley

Puppy Naming

We’ve now agreed the names for all the puppies though we haven’t yet decided which name to give to which puppy.

The boys are going to be called:

  • Pantygarreg Cader Venture
  • Pantygarreg Welsh Venture

and the girls:

  • Pantygarreg Camri Venture
  • Pantygarreg Eirlys Venture
  • Pantygarreg Lili Venture
  • Pantygarrge Ceian Venture


14th August 2016
Donna Hartley

Two week update

All puppies are doing well Their eyes and ears are opening.  Millie is feeling more confdent as a mother and now leaves the whelping box for longer periods.  All the puppies have been regsitered with the Kennel Club under our breeding name of Pantygarreg.

We have also had our first escapee! the puppy with the blue collar managed to rolke over the small barrier at the entrance to the whelping box – guess we need to start riasing the bar.

6th August 2016
Donna Hartley

One week old

We are glad to report that mum and puppies are doing well.  All the puppies are putting on weight and we look forward to them opening their eyes in the next week.

16th July 2016
Donna Hartley


We’re glad to announce that Millie’s pregnancy has been confirmed and we expect her to give birth at the end of July.