You will need to bring:

  • Sufficient food for the length of the stay
  • Your dog's vaccination card, showing both the annual boosters and Kennel Cough vaccines.  We are required to hold this during your pets stay.

No dog will be allowed to stay without valid vaccinations and up to date vaccination certificate.

  • We may ask you for copies of vaccination certificates for our records.
  • Though not essential if you would like to bring treats, toys or blankets with your dog, please do.  Something smells of home can help with settling in.
  •  If you bring bedding, make it something we can wash for you if it needs it!

We will need your vet's name and phone number in case of emergency.

  • If required, please bring any medications in a clearly labelled and sealed container i.e.: plastic box with lid.  Include clear instructions for administering these medications
  • Please ensure that your dog is fully up to date with a worming, flea and tick programme before their stay.

No dog will be allowed to stay without confirmation that you dog is up to date.

If we see evidence of fleas, ticks or worms then your dog will be treated and you will be charged when you collect of your dog.  The cost depends on the size of the dog.

We have 24-hour access to a local vet. In the unlikely event of illness your dog will receive veterinary attention.